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Dusty Johnson
2870 W Granite Park Dr
Prescott, AZ  86305

Phone:(928) 515-3029

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Pleasant Valley Saddle School is now officially closed due to retirement.

Please consider my line of books and DVDs for excellent saddlemaking instructions.

Pleasant Valley Saddle School
made it possible for anyone with a desire to learn saddlemaking to have the information and instructions available in a clean and understandable manner. With a 25 year history of conducting saddlemaking classes the two week program emphasized quality and efficiency.  

In the past 25+ years I have had some very fine students from all over the USA, Canada,  Europe and South America.  Each went home with a saddle that they made themselves in two short weeks.

The materials in my books and DVDs are exactly what each student used and you may be assured that you can build a great saddle yourself using these instructional materials alone.

This is proven to be the largest selling and easiest saddlemaking course ever offered.  I am proud to make these materials available at the same price I charged 25 years ago !!


     (click picture for a larger view)

Please to to the  Books and Videos page on this site to order your own copy.  If you have questions please phone me direct in Prescott, Arizona.  I am always happy to pass on advice.

Click on this box to see what a former student has to say about the class he took.