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Dusty Johnson
2870 W Granite Park Dr
Prescott, AZ  86305

Phone:(928) 515-3029


for 356 & 550 Spyder models

(Also used on Jaguar, MG, Morgan, Triumph, etc)

(click on pictures for larger view)


 Hood Straps


Good quality hood straps are hard to find, especially at this low price. These are made of the finest top grain, American Leather from the Hermann Oak Tannery in St Louis, MO. I use best quality roller buckles and stainless steel end caps made just for these straps. The width is 1 1/2" and the length of the long strap is 9". Each set comes complete with all bolts, washers and nuts.

I have had a few requests for "chafes" (leather pad behind the buckle), though these were rarely used originally they can be seen in some of the older pictures.   Add $10 additional for these.

Available in TAN and BLACK for the same price - $105 per set

Now available in hand dyed Antique Burgundy  -  $115 per set

Strap choices

Luggage Straps (rear luggage rack)


Luggage Straps for vintage 356's are one of the hardest to find items for authentic presentation at shows and cruises. I am now reproducing these straps as authentically as possible working from original photos taken in Europe in the golden years of these cars.

Each strap is made of American leather specially treated for me at the Hermann Oak Leather Company in St. Louis, MO(America's premier leather tannery). It has special oil additives and  coloring for this application. Each fastening strap has a buckle and keeper on one end to secure it to the trunk mounted luggage carrier and another buckle on the opposite end with a chafe to  protect the suitcase from buckle abrasion. Every part is carefully sewn with durable nylon cord, NOT riveted as seen in cheaper copies. Buckles are rust-resistant nickel, NOT cheap chrome plating which peels when abused. These straps are made 1 1/4 inch wide to fit ALL styles of luggage racks. This set is three complete straps (one longer strap for horizontal and two shorter straps for vertical) $155 per set

Available in TAN and BLACK for the same price. Choose below

Luggage Strap Set
INSIDE Luggage Straps

Inside straps are to secure the luggage in the back seat area of the coupes.
1 inch in width and approximately 54 inches long.  2 straps per set.  Available in black or tan to match your other straps.
Supply your own "footman loops" to the rear firewall and in the foot well area.
   $120 per set
Inside Luggage Strap choices


Tire Strap

The Tire Strap is intended to prevent the spare tire from movement.  Made to match both the Luggage Straps and the Hood Straps to complete the look of the restoration. Available in TAN OR BLACK.   These straps are made 1 1/4 inch wide  $32 each 

Tire Strap
NOTE: These strap sets are individually made not mass produced. Leather of this quality, with proper care, will last for many years and will greatly enhance the appearance of any antique auto.

INTERNATIONAL  ORDERS:  please  contact us for shipping charges.