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Dusty Johnson
2870 W Granite Park Dr
Prescott, AZ  86305

Phone:(928) 515-3029

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 Saddleman Press


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Saddlemaking  Construction & Repair Techniques

The largest selling saddlemaking
book ever printed!! 


Complete and easy instruction guide.  Explains how to make a top quality western saddle with a minimum of tools and expense.  No prior leatherworking experience is required.  How to create each part of the saddle is thoroughly illustrated. This book is used by saddleshops worldwide.  Over 150 photos.  Spiral binding to lay flat on your workbench.  BOOK, 136 pages---$19.95 



Full Saddlemaking Course

 Purchase all three above (book-DVD-patterns) items for only $70 and NO shipping fee! (save $14)

International shipping will require slight additional fee



  This Video Instruction is a complete companion to the book.  Using the book and video together makes it simple and easy to create a top grade  saddle.  2 hour video (DVD)  $39.95

Full size saddle patterns  

Make any style or size western saddle as illustrated in the book and DVD.  Four sheets 23 x 34 inches each.  All patterns are clearly marked for location on the hide and with skiving directions.                                      $10.95

Thousands sold worldwide!




                Saddle Savvy

   The complete guide to the western saddle

Become a saddle expert!  Learn how a top quality saddle is constructed and what kind of rig is right for you.  This handy book  fully explains and shows each part of the western saddle in full detail and helps you understand the many variations of each of those parts. Saddle fit, size and rigging positions are made understandable.   Also discussed are saddle pads, how to buy new or used saddles and how to clean and care for them. This manual is used by experts in saddle shops and tack stores worldwide.  Over 110 illustrations and photos.

Softcover BOOK, 230 pages --- $22.95 

   Holsters and Knife Sheaths

 No prior experience is required.

This informative video gives detailed instructions for making 5 different style holsters, 3 knife sheaths and 2 gunbelts.  All operations of cutting, gluing, sewing, molding and pattern making are explained.  Full size cutting and carving patterns are included. .

NOTE: Due to limited quantity on hand the ONLY way we can sell the HOLSTERS DVD & PATTERNS is as a part of the Cowboy Craft Library Special  (see below).




 No prior experience is required.

 Make your own chaps with this step-by-step video.  No prior experience is required!  Every detail is shown clearly and full explanations are given for making Batwings, Chinks, Shotgun and Motorcycle styles.  Full size patterns for each style are included.

40 minute (DVD) --- $19.95



Order the complete library today and save $$$ with our package deal --  only $145

 for all 6 items and NO SHIPPING

(over $30 savings + includes Holsters DVD only available with this offer !)



Phone in your order direct

(928) 515-3029

       Please add $4.50 to each item for shipping

International shipping will require additional fees