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Of the few remaining cowboy saddlemakers in Colorado, Dusty Johnson is one of the best known. His knowledge of horses comes from working on cattle ranches, guest ranches and ownership of livery stables.  He was a noted professional farrier for more than 35 years.  Growing up in Arizona and living in the high mountains of Colorado has given him a deep appreciation and love of the Old West and all that it stood for. 

Dusty has recently relocated to Prescott, Arizona.


n March 2003 Dusty was honored  with the  Cactus Jack Safe Bet Trophy for Meritorious Service  and the WWAC Lifetime Achievement Award presented by the Wild West Arts Club

for a recent (March 6, 2015)TV interview click this picture

He shows a particular fondness for the tradition and symbolism portrayed by the movie cowboys of the 1950's and was Life Member #3  of the former Wild West Arts Club, an international organization devoted to preserving the movie west and the equipment of the stars. 

Dusty also performs gunspinning, bull whip dexterity and magic on stage under the name "Deadshot Dusty".  It is family entertainment with a comedy flair and western flavor.

 More than 50 years of leatherworking experience with some of the greatest masters of the industry has given him the knowledge to not only create fine leather products for his customers but to also operate a saddlemaking school for students from  throughout the  world.

He has published many articles about leatherwork  and is the author of books and videos of instruction in the art of building saddles and horse related equipment.  He enjoys exotic cars, motorcycles and fine horses.  Dusty and his horse, "Apache", were well known in Colorado  parades

Working from his Pleasant Valley Saddle Shop & Studio  in Prescott, Arizona,  his work is sought after by discerning collectors worldwide.



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Dusty Johnson
2870 W Granite Park Dr
Prescott, AZ  86305

Phone:(928) 515-3029